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Light Roasted Ethiopian Coffee

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Ethiopian Coffee

Most of the coffee lovers love to first try out the light roasted coffee. Ethiopia is known for its coffee beans and you get some of the best-tasting coffees to come from this country. This place is known to be the birthplace for coffee. They have unique flavors and are irresistible for any die-hard coffee fans.

Know the history of Ethiopian Light Roast Coffee

Ethiopia is said to be the place from where coffee was born. It is said that Ethiopian coffee was discovered in the region around 850 AD. The first Arabica coffee was grown here. These coffee beans have a bright fruity and floral flavor to it. They are mostly light bodied and sometimes come as medium bodied. They have high acidity. Half the produce of coffee from Ethiopia is consumed by the nation itself. This shows that all Ethiopians are coffee lovers. It is part of their rich culture and heritage and most of their important events start with a coffee ceremony.

Specs of Ethiopian Light Roasted Coffee

The climate and the Ethiopian environment are very much suited for coffee cultivation and harvesting. There are plenty of different varietals of coffee that are grown here. The ClockTower Ethiopian coffee is a light roasted one with strong citrus flavors. They are made using 100% Arabica coffee beans and hence you do not have to worry about the aroma, flavor, and richness of the coffee. You get hints of chocolate taste when you consume the Ethiopian coffee. The complex flavors are due to the natural processing of the coffee beans. A sip of the coffee and you will feel intense fruity flavors and rich coffee aroma. As it is highly acidic, you might feel a bit of bitterness as the aftertaste.  As it is a light roast coffee, there is great flavor clarity that you will feel with every sip.