What is 3rd Wave Coffee?

Third Wave of Coffee is a phrase that you will come across every time when you try to buy coffee online or in the coffee shops. But do you know what it means? You might be wondering what about the first or second waves! 

Learning about the third wave is not that easy. You will come across the explanation to this wherever you go. However, some of the definitions might confuse you as it is contradicting to each other. 

First and second coffee wave

When consumption of coffee started in the year 1960, the production began to grow. Coffee beans were accessible to people for the first time. This was referred to as the first wave. 

Thereafter, came the second wave. This came when there was an increased production of coffee. Big businesses started establishing coffee shops. It started turning out as a luxury product instead of a necessity. 

The entire supply chain saw a consciousness with coffee, starting from consumers to the producers. The buyers who get green beans began paying more attention to how and whereabouts of the production. Gradually, this trickled onto the consumers. 

Third wave: different than the other two

Experts have to say that the third wave of coffee is actually an appreciation of the good product. It is about the coffee that people are drinking and what they think about it. Some other experts have to say that it doesn’t accept the conventional ways of making or even growing coffee. In opposition to the first wave, it is about coffee being accessible to the consumer. The third wave is about the result of the hard work put up by everyone. Nonetheless, these are just a vague concept. 

Key features

The primary feature of the third wave is that it augments the quality of coffee and puts its emphasis on sustainability. Also, the third wave of coffee saw light roast profiles with innovative methods to brew. The third wave is mostly about making the consumer feel special. It is about customer service and sharing of the story that goes behind the cup of coffee. 

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