Coffee Stories

  • What is 3rd Wave Coffee?

    Third Wave of Coffee is a phrase that you will come across every time when you try to buy coffee online or in the coffee shops. But do you know what it means? You might be wondering what about the first or second waves!

    Learning about the third wave is not that easy. You will come across the explanation to this wherever you go. However, some of the definitions might confuse you as it is contradicting to each other.

  • History Of Hawaiian Coffee Harvesting

    The first coffee had been brought to Hawaiian Island in 1813 and planted in the island of Oahu. These were the Kona Coffee Beans. It is valued or it’s subtlety and flavors. Irrespective of its name and popularity, you will be surprised to know that coffee is not native to this state. 
  • History of Coffee

    There are no exact findings and details to say when or how the coffee was discovered. It is believed that the origin of coffee was in Ethiopia and it dates back to the 15h century or even before. There is an ancient story that says that coffee was discovered by goat herder Kaldi who discovered that his goats got very energetic after eating the berries from a tree.