Story of Vanuatu Coffee Roastery

Story of Tanna Island

At Vanuatu Coffee Roasters, we care about people as coffee. That's why we are a joint venture partner with the INIK Cooperative on Tanna, planting 30 acres of coffee amongst 10 chiefs and their villages. Providing a viable cash crop to subsistence farmers not only helps them preserve traditional ways of life, but also stems the exodus of youth from the island, searching to find employment abroad and wages to send home.

This rare coffee is shade grown in rich tropical soils, replenished daily by our extraordinarily active volcano, Mt. Yasur. Using traditional organic methods, farmers carefully tend the land living in harmony with the rainforest that abounds on the island. All these facets impart remarkable, noteworthy characteristics found in no other coffee on Earth.

We hope you can appreciate all that goes into this exceptional coffee.



Everyone's tastes vary. We suggest starting with 1 1/2 level tablespoons per cup and if necessary "tuning"it with a little bit more or less for insanely great coffee!

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