History of Coffee

history of coffee infographic

There are no exact findings and details to say when or how the coffee was discovered. It is believed that the origin of coffee was in Ethiopia and it dates back to the 15h century or even before. There is an ancient story that says that coffee was discovered by goat herder Kaldi who discovered that his goats got very energetic after eating the berries from a tree. 

He discussed this with the local monastery abbot. He prepared a drink with the berries and found that it helped him stay awake and energetic during the long hours of their evening prayer time. This new finding spread like wildfire among the monks in the monastery and soon the word reached the Arabian Peninsula. 

The coffee cultivation started taking shape in Yemen in Arabia by the 15th century and soon spread on to other neighboring countries like Egypt, Syria, Persia, and Turkey. It not only became a favorite drink in the local houses but also was enjoyed in public coffee homes that started to mushroom in the Near East cities. The popularity of the coffee houses started to rise and it soon turned out to be a place for social gathering.    

It was the European travelers who visit the Far East cities who brought the coffee to this continent. By the 17th century, Europeans also got addicted to the wonderful taste and flavor of the coffee beans. There was first a fear among many Europeans about the new beverage. Later, it required Pope Clement VIII to intervene. He drank it and said that it was a satisfying drink. With the Pope’s approval. Europeans started to enjoy his drink.  Soon coffee houses started to grow rapidly in France, Germany, England, and Holland. 

The demand for the coffee beans was on the rise and this prompted many other countries to set up their own coffee plantations. The first to start was the Dutch in the second half of the 17th century. After the great success in the Dutch region, the cultivation of the coffee trees spread to Celebes and Sumatra. It finally spread and reached North America in 1668 and then moved on to Brazil in the first half of the 18th century. 

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